The streets are paved with fresh asphalt and then the stencil is laid down, a thermoplastic traffic marking paint is rolled or sprayed on the roadbed all according to rigid DOT-MUTCD standards. Time passes. Abrasion, weather and stress all take their toll. Potholes! As years go by, city workers patch the holes, re-paint the letters, repeat the process. The wear continues. Intricate tar lines fill cracks in letters and streets. A yellow color gets overpainted white. A stencil is misaligned, leaves fall. Each of these letters was once 96″ high and puddle thick until entropy disconnected the paint molecules. Most of these street letters were discovered within walking distance of the studio, a few further reaches; Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco. O P S and T are the most common letters – I have yet to find a J Q or Z in the wild (There mist be a Quiet Zone somewhere). There is enough alphabet here to spell one important word – TRUTH.