Everyone generally agrees that there are Seven Continents and five oceans connecting them. The largest is Asia, followed by Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia.  Each continent has at least one indigenous animal found nowhere else on the planet. The colored facades in the windowed image are scaled to the area of each continent. Windows open onto a landscape of animals in their native habitats. Despite the fact that a couple of critters have wandered from their respective homelands, there are still enough clues to identify which continent is which. Look at their relative size and find the maps embedded somewhere in each section. There is a lot to discover, if you have the time.

John Wehrle is best known for paintings and installations in public spaces around the west coast and beyond. Libraries, Schools, Civic Centers, Freeways, Train Stations, Restaurants, Cruise Ships and Hospitals; John has created artworks for all of these venues and more. The paintings visually connect each location to its history and purpose.  Some are created in situ and others painted in the studio and installed later.

Originally from Texas, John has resided in CA for the last fifty years. (A few side trips, here and there). He has been an artist since he was a child, later studying at Texas Tech and Pratt Institute in New York. You can find more of John’s work at