Twenty thousand square feet of concrete overpass shape the blank canvas for this panoramic illusion of classical architecture and cloudy skies. Historical figures, painted autos, cows and people mingle with the daily flow of real traffic. John designed this project for the City of Pinole on the existing I-80 overcrossing to serve as a painted gateway between Old Town and Pinole Valley. Transportation is the theme; faux relief panels depict scenes from the city’s past and present.

Begun in late January of 2002 the painting was completed in August of that year with the able assistance of Hershell West and other volunteers. The work required over 1300 gallons of lightfast Keim Mineral Paint, a 45 ft.Z-boom lift and 20 days of lane closures for the overhead painting. Did I mention cold, windy and steep? The painting seems to be holding up well, still colorfast twelve years later- no fading or peeling.