A painted installation from 2010 for Aylen Junior High school in Puyallup WA, funded by WSAC. The artwork consists of five painted panels, each approximately 6 x 8 foot rectangles. These separate painted images on thin polyester backing are affixed to wall surfaces above eye level on parallel facing walls so that from the southern direction portions of three images can be seen in recession, and from the northernmost viewpoint the other two images can be seen.  Each individual image serves as an illusionistic painted window in which various painted objects are seen suspended in interior space, advancing/receding through another rectangular opening into a blue-clouded sky.

The items include Flying books with letters and symbols blown off the pages, chairs, leaves, bicycles, musical instruments, sports equipment, architectural fragments, and who knows what else. Some of these elements are taken from recognizable local sources; others have a universal feeling attached to them. Some of the same objects appear in more than one panel in different spatial orientations and size, creating the illusion of these objects moving through space and time. In the northernmost panel they seem to be traveling toward (or away from) Mt Rainier.

The work was painted in the studio on polyester non woven media and installed on site with the assistance of Rhonda Geenblat.